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What does the word Cosmopolitan describe?The word when used as an adjective, as in ‘a cosmopolitan person’, it means, a person who is‘familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures’.
The word cosmopolitan can also be used as a noun. Its meaning depends on the sense of the sentence. For example, ‘There were many cosmopolitans at the party’, would mean that there were ‘many people at the party who were at ease with diverse cultures and countries’, it would likely be that these persons also spoke many different languages, and travelled widely.
Cosmopolitan is also a proper noun as in the name of the drinka cocktail made with Cointreau, lemon vodka, cranberry juice, and lime juice,
There is also of course the magazine, called the Cosmopolitan, short name Cosmo, which is a woman’s magazine on fashion. I presume the assumption that those who subscribe to and read Cosmo are women who are at ease with the different cultures in our cities.

Cosmopolitan London Escorts

This explains why our escort agency website is called cosmopolitan escorts. Our escort agency is in London, a city where there are people from all over the world, living, working and on vacation. The London Escorts workingat our agency must be cosmopolitan escorts. They must be familiar and at ease with the many diverse cultures they meet every day in their working nights. Every booking they attend will be with a different person from a different country with a different culture. Our escorts are at ease with people from all over the world and live for the different experiences that alternative cultures bring to the bed.
We could call our website cosmopolitan clients?  Why, because you as a client must also be familiar and at ease with diverse cultures and countries. Our escorts are also from many different countries and cultures. For a successful and enjoyable booking, both the escort and the client must be at ease with each other. Our Cosmopolitan London escorts will be familiar and at ease with your culture, so it is down to you to make the booking a success by being a Cosmopolitan client.

Travelling with a Cosmopolitan Escort

Cosmopolitan escorts are ideal travel companions. As our name suggests we are at ease with diverse cultures. We make the ideal companion on a foreign trip whether it is business or pleasure. We fit right in with the diverse cultures in the cities around the world. From the sun-soaked beaches of the United Emirates, Australia, Thailand and the West Indies to the cold mountains of the winter alps and the long nights of the Scandinavian countries.  From the Spanish Tapas bars, the Moroccan bazars, the cheese fondues of the Swiss alps to the green Thai curries of the east.  Where ever we travel, the Cosmopolitan escort will be beside you, easing your way into the life style of the country you are visiting. They will be there supporting you.
Don’t forget when you are back in London your Cosmopolitan London Escort will wish you goodbye one final time before we depart our different ways.

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